I have my mom, a couple goofy lovebirds, and my awkward pre-teen years to thank for inspiring me to create voices.

I guess it started since the moment I could say my first words. My mom would ask me what sound each animal made and I would imitate every one that I could, or mimic each new sound she taught me...Apparently I was pretty good! For a chubby baby, anyways.

Years later I received the best gift imaginable! On my 9th birthday, my two lovebirds, Romeo and Juliet entered my life. My mom would make funny voices and speak to me as them, which started some of the funniest conversations together. These feathered angels were my best friends, I have them to thank for not only motivating me, but for keeping my childish innocence and enthusiasm alive. They kept me sane...or insane. One of the two, or maybe just the right mix. My "star crossed lover" friends were a source of love and inspiration for me. I started to create voices by watching their behaviour and seeing their unique personalities grow. Later on, I started making voices for all my stuffed animals and the furry and feathered companions that enriched my life through the years.

I have been blessed to have been able to express myself in a variety of ways throughout my life. By writing, drawing, animation, acting, and voice acting. I love the challenge of bringing characters to life as well as their complex personalities that make them so interesting and amusing. I'm finally letting out the chubby one year old inside of me!

My more recent voice work includes Disney's "Tini: The movie," Spanish and English narration for Cambridge University, and "Sundown Undead" audio drama.