I love art! 'nuff said.

Growing up, I was the kid who asked too many questions and found myself in trouble for it, I had a constant desire to learn, and a thirst for knowledge that I dont think could ever be quenched. As a child I wished on stars and dreamed beyond the seas! I'm still a curious george when it comes to so much in life and I am grateful to be contributing to an area that brings me closer to my inner child and truth.

My passion for art began with drawing wildlife and landscapes as a young child, making comic strips, and writing stories. Eventually, these developed into plays that I would perform with my friends.

I have a love for traveling and story telling that are fuelled by my curiosity for culture, films, music, video games, language, science and human nature. These passions led me to write a play, perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and travel through Europe.

In my free time I indulge in other loves, such as reading about history, science, fiction and outer space, as well as writing and doing volunteer work. I'm fascinated with anything to do with fantasy, sci-fi, period, war and crime. Admittedly, I am a bit of a gamer and a proud paranormal fanatic. Also a crazy bird lady and animal lover.

After graduating film school, and creating my animated shorts, I worked as an animator with various studios and later taught drawing and painting to children. Eventually I followed my dream and trained at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. There, I was inspired by my peers, teachers and the vibrant city that surrounded me. Through this experience I have learned to be aware, savour life, feel, give thanks, and be more open to the world and life's experience's.

Proud of my latin roots and mediterranean heritage, I feel blessed to have been born in El Salvador and raised in Canada. Growing up in a Spanglish household I became fluent in English and Spanish. Recently I've been working on perfecting my French and Italian, and I think my bilingual upbringing has helped me develop and follow my other passion of dialect coaching! Please take a look at my dialect coaching website and if you're looking for any help with dialects or accent reduction, contact me at www.ariaccents.com.